How to add existing images

You can add existing images to your Clarify documents. This lesson will show you how.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

You can drag an image file (PNG, JPEG, BMP or GIF) from the Finder on OS X or Windows Explorer on Windows onto a Clarify document.. Just drop the image in the left column or the document area.

Using the Contextual Menu

Using the Contextual Menu

If you right-click in the document area or the left column then you can create a new step from an image file.

Select Image Button

Select Image Button

If you have an existing step with no image then you can click on the Select Image File button that appears in the step image area.

Image Contextual Menu

Image Contextual Menu

If you want to replace an existing step image then just right-click on the image. From the contextual menu select Replace with Image File....


Stephen Bellhouse

First - Great tool. Love it!

I need regularly to combine a series of screen shots together into one "quilt" to explain a series of steps. I want to do this in one Clarify Step rather than spead it out over a series of Clarify Steps.
Because the clicks/steps are simple and don't warant their own big Clarify Step.

Press button: A ... up pops window x ... select drop down: abc ... then ... then ...

How can I paste, arrange and annotate multiple screen shots into one Clarify Step.
Then ... your tool would really be productive! Currently I do it all in Omnigraffle and paste the results into Clarify.

My comments would apply to ScreenSteps too.

I appreciate your help - especially if its you Greg!

Greg DeVore

Stephen -

There isn't a way to add multiple images to a step at this point. Doing what your doing with OmniGraffle is probably the best approach if you really need to combine images.

Keith Vaugh

This is the very reason that clarify has not become a part of my workflow. I require such a method which in reality should be something simple to implement.
On the surface Clarfiy is an outstanding application, but the absence of this feature is reason enough for me not to use it or recommend it to other users!

Trevor DeVore

@Keith: Sorry to hear this is a deal breaker for your Keith. Multiple images within a step will be added in a future version. Until then one must rely on 3rd party image editors or positioning images one after the other in steps that don't have any text in them.


I understand where you guys are coming from when it comes to having one image per step and I've been really enjoying using this tool at my new qa position.

Please put me on whatever list you have for people who want to shot themselves in the foot and make their lives more complicated by having more than one image.

Thank you, again!

Trevor DeVore

@Mandaris Multiple images per step will be available in the next major upgrade to Clarify. There will be no need to shoot any appendages.

Rick Reumann

I hope the multiple images per step is added soon. I just purchases this with mac heist and to me it's useless without this feature, and I'll have to go back to using PowerPoint. I'm often needing two images and having arrows pointing to things in both images (on one 'slide' / 'step' )


Hi Trevor,

when will that update be?
(that feature would be really important to me)

Best Regards from germany.


Trevor DeVore

@Rick, @Fritz - we don't have any announcements to make yet regarding a date for the next Clarify upgrade that will support multiple images.


My images from iphone way too big. How do I proportion them to fit in the image window as they should look? As it is not I am just seeing one small area of very large image in the window. Thanks for the help

Blue Mango

@Gen Take a look at these articles on resizing images:

How to resize an image:

How to resize an image using the Step Inspector:

Resizing every image you capture:


I'm just giving Clarify a trial run and the multiple image per step feature is an absolute must for me too.

Any idea when this update will take place?

Otherwise, a great application!


Greg DeVore

@MacAddict -

We still don't have any announcements about multiple image support.


Thanks Greg. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. I know a workaround would be to edit and combine images in another application and then use Clarify, but I'd like to avoid doing more work than necessary.

I may have to wait on my purchase until that feature is implemented. Hopefully it'll be sooner than later.

Thanks again!


I understand you don't support scrolling full-screen captures. I use Snagit for this. But I cannot figure out a way to use their screencaptures in Clarify. Is there a way?

Trevor DeVore

@Karen You can configure SnagIt to place image captures on the clipboard. You could then use the Edit > Paste menu in Clarify to paste the image. I know on OS X you can also drag images from the image bin at the bottom of the editor directly onto a Clarify document and the image will be added to Clarify.



Thanks! The copy and paste worked great.

I was worried it wouldn't because Snagit only outputs as either 'snagproj' or pdf files, neither of which Clarify supports. I had tried attaching these, with no luck. The copy and paste worked great though.



Unfortunately, the drag and drop didn't work at all. It looks like Snagproject file types aren't enabled.

When I dragged one over, all that appeared was a blank window where the image should be.

So the only way I can import a Snagit screen capture is by using the one that's currently on my clipboard?

Trevor DeVore

@Karen I was able to get drag and drop to work with SnagIt 2 on OS X. Here are instructions showing what I did:

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